Monday, 16 January 2012


I credited one of the entrants with his first participation in 1995  when it should have been 2010 (two Brian Kelly's). The correct entry should be:

Brian Kelly - ID no = 4009; 1 finish in time of 18:49:40 in 2011

I have just avoided the same error with John Callow. Although I have allocated ID numbers to all previous entrants, my "lookup" (which compares the names of entrants to previous entrants) uses names and only thereafter do I use the ID again. I have found a simple way to pick up only the more recent entrant and that is to put a black character after the name of the earlier entrant but even this will only work when I am aware that I have the wrong one in the first place!

Bear with me for another couple of years until we have a real database!

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