Wednesday, 30 November 2011

So much video I've not even looked at yet

One of the reasons I am running out of space on my computer (I've got plenty of room on my 3TB backup device) is because I never get around to even looking at some of the video I take and I don't want to delete things, even from a static camera I might have left running for ages on the mountain, until I am sure I have everything useful edited out.

After the Parish Walk last year I drew a line at the end of the week following the event so that I could move on but I've just started to review some of last year's unused film. Marie caught me out here when I was copying the first batch of photos - all 495 from Braddan.

More than 100 visitors already

According to my tracking software (and I am using different software to in the past) 103 unique visitors have visited the site in the first 40 minutes.

Who will be the first to enter?

That was close

I was ahead of schedule to launch the site at 10 pm but at 8 pm I decided I would try and republish all of the statistic reports with the new sponsor's name on and the new Parish Walk logo that I only received a few hours ago.

I made it with 30 seconds to go.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Entries open on Thursday

This blog will contribute towards the build up of the 2012 Manx Telecom Parish Walk by analysing the entries as they come in, bringing you statistics and a few stories from behind the scenes.

I've been running the website for the past 11 years and building the database for almost 20 years before that.