Thursday, 29 December 2011

Race Walking Record

For the past couple of years the above magazine has produced a Parish Walk special. The magazine was founded in 1941 but these are the only "specials" ever produced.

Due to some exceptional personal circumstances for editor John Constandinou, the 2011 edition was considerably delayed but its good news that there will be another special in 2012.

Most of the photos were by my brother Mike and I but these were merely using an existing asset. All I had to do was stick the photos on a flashdrive and pass them to Michael George. Michael did a lot of the donkey work and wrote some great lines on all the leading finishers and prize winners. He also conducted an interview with Lieutenant Governor, Adam Wood who took part.

I have been a subscriber to "the Record" since 1976 but like lots of my magazines I tend to have a quick look at them when they arrive and they build up in piles around my office at home. Over lunch today I decided to catch up on my half read copies going back to the middle of 2010 when Bernie Ball featured on the front page. I have to admit that it was the first time I had read most of Michael's reports as I have to move on post-Parish and do all the things that get neglected at that time of the year.

Make sure you are reading his 2012 reports soon after the event next year. The publishers are determined to get the magazine in the post much sooner than in 2011 and you can order it at the registration or there will be a link on the site nearer the time.

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