Friday, 2 December 2011

At least one off island entrant

The score is 61 now and the latest four includes my brother in law, Alan Gosschalk (above C6), who lives in London so that means we have at least one UK resident. Up until recent years I never thought I would see Alan walking in the Parish Walk (it was his third year this year and he walked to Kirk Michael) never mind turning out in the Easter Festival road relay as he did here in 2009. He gave me a  little story recently which I will use on my other blog sometime.

Here are all four latest:

Ian Begley - ID no =7872;  Debut - 2011
Alan Gosschalk - ID no =3165;  Debut - 2009
Angela Martin - ID no = 39; 3  finishes and best time of 19:50:20 in 2011
Gill Senogles - ID no =6140;  Debut - 2008

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